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Let's Stop the Planet’s Fever Together - Appeal for COP 26

A World Plan for the Environment Health, Immigration and Work

An active role of the European Union

The division of humanity into sovereign nation states prevents global problems, including changes in the climate due to human activity, pandemics and immigration, to be effectively addressed.

Overcoming such division, starting with Europe, through the creation of the European Federation, is an essential step that will allow to implement immediate, trenchant and consistent actions for the global reduction of the CO2 emission in the atmosphere,without which the increase of the average temperature will continue non-stop throughout the planet, seriously endangering the health of all living species, including the human species, which is the main cause of the current level of the planet’s degradation.

Enough with the States’ in activity and selfishness !

Until now, no significant measure, policy or provision has been adopted at global level to put an end to a situation that is becoming irreversible. The agreement reached at the COP 21 in Paris is entirely insufficient to reduce CO2 emissions, leaving this job only to the industrial community. The health situation due to about forty new viruses is also caused by the climate change becoming very serious worldwide problem. The latest of which is Covid 19. The situation concerning the problems of mass migration is also increasingly serious, also caused by environmental problems deriving from climate change; and growing unemployment that requires a universal income paid on the basis of joining the “world labor army” with the relative “global labor force” CO2 emissions must therefore be reduced starting from the UN Climate Conference (COP 26), which will be held in November 2021 in Glasgow in Scotland , entrusting the stabilization of the climate to international institutions appropriate to the global nature of the climate challenge, which like the challenge of health and that of immigration, cannot be faced unilaterally only by one country.

Challenges must be faced together

It is necessary for the main states (United States, European Union, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South-Africa) together to face the climate, health and immigration challenges, with an act of great political importance and worldwide resonance to be adopted in November in Scotland at the COP 26 or in the months immediately following.

A World Plan for the Environment, Health, Immigration and Work

It is necessary to provide for the acceptance of binding commitments by all States and the establishment of a World Organization for the Environment, Health, Immigration and Work (WOEHIW), based in Geneva, equipped with real powers, managed by an independent High Authority of which has an adequate financial resources. This World Organization will be the tool to manage both global environmental emergencies and also health immigration and Work emergencies. WOEHIW will help develop countries to share the decrease in carbon emissions (CO2) and will intervene in health, immigration and Work emergencies, providing them with a considerable share of financial, technological and humanitarian support from developed countries. The proposed institution model is the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in the process of European unification.

A global carbon tax, a worldwide T.T.F. and a web digital tax

The financial means for WOEHIW must derive from automatic tax revenues through the establishment of a world carbon tax. The European Union has the ability and the will to take on a leadership role in the ecological conversion of the world economy and society, in the construction of a world health system and the protection of migrants and the unemployed. They will have to demonstrate this by immediately establishing an the European carbon tax, a T.T.F. and a web digital tax between the eurozone countries and proposing, starting from COP 26 in Glasgow, the establishment of a World Organization for the Environment, Health, Immigration and Work.

As European citizens, we request:

An initiative and leading role, that of the European Union in the ecological conversion of economy and society, in the protection of all citizens of the world and therefore also of migrant citizens ..

The achievement of the Federal Union of Europe, with the creation of an European democratic government, is capable to speak with one voice, to make it possible for the European Union to fulfil this role efficiently.

Forward to the European Federation to arrive at a World Parliament and a democratic Planetary Government.

Unite Europe to unite the world

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