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The International Democracy Watch aims at developing an analytical framework to evaluate the democratic quality of IOs systematically. To this purpose, the political-institutional contents of democracy, traditionally studied and conceptualized at the nation-state level, must be adapted and applied to international relations. 

This theoretical adaptation is first of all expressed though a set of qualitative macro-indicators, developed by IDW as guidelines for its researchers in monitoring and assessing the democratization of international organizations.


An additional set of quantitative micro-indicators, composing the International Democracy Index (IDI), will express the dimensions of international democracy ant quantify the democratic quality of international organizations.


Both qualitative and quantitaive results of the assessment will be published, in different forms, on this website and on the International Democracy Report, edited biennially.


We hope that the combined exploitation of these tools can assist the scientific community in studying two processes which are taking place in parallel, pushed further by globalization, but not at the same speed: the international organization on the one hand, and its gradual democratization on the other (for example, comparing different experiences and their democratization over space and time).

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