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Copla Updates: UNGA, Colombia and IAP in Buenos Aires

 In the 74nd United Nations General Assembly, Mauricio Macri, president of the Argentine Republic, restated "we continue working with the Latin America and the Caribbean governments to achieve the necessary consensus for the creation of a regional legal body capable of confronting this and other types of transnational organized crime" in September, 2019. Following this link (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XZiLPXzy12tTQSo3b_vwPa9iWNxb3ai9/view) you can see the video in Spanish.

In October Fernando Iglesias was invited by the Colombian´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present the COPLA Campaign during a Conference against corruption. He also had interviews with important political personalities such as Adriana Mejía Hernández, viceminister for Multilateral Affairs of Colombia. See the final report here.

In September, Fernando Iglesias and I presented the COPLA Campaign in the framework of the International Association of Prosecutors that was held in Buenos Aires. It was an event where prosecutors from Latin America and the Caribbean region participated. And the most important landmark was the Declaration in favour of the COPLA Campaign by the Latin American Association of Prosecutors. Here you will find a press release.

Finally, a Brazilian Senator presented a resolution project to create a Parliamentary Front in support of the COPLA Campaign. We are pushing parliamentary members from Ecuador and Chile to promote the initiative.

Camila López Badra
Directora Ejecutiva de DEMOCRACIA GLOBAL

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