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Appeal to the European Institutions – The Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Western Balkans: towards a European foreign policy
 It is glaringly evident that strategic objectives and clear guidelines for a European foreign and security policy urgently need to be formulated.
The European Union is committed to defining its role and taking action for a new “world order”, focusing on the development of multilateralism as the best way to govern global public goods.
Europe’s neighbouring areas represent the most immediate test for a truly European foreign policy.
This Appeal, starting from Italy, sets out to contribute with opinions and proposals to a broad debate on these issues in Europe.
It has been sent to the President of the European Parliament, the President of the European Commission and to the High Representative for Foreign Policy and European Security....   
2nd United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Model

General aspects


During the month of September, 2021 the Civil Association “Democracia Global”, along with partner the organizations - “UMA”, “Democracy Without Borders”, “UNPA Campaign” and two Regional Academic Partners - Goa University and Sharda University, carried out the second Model of the Parliamentary Assembly of the United Nations (UNPA) in India on the theme Gender Equality.

Let's Stop the Planet’s Fever Together - Appeal for COP 26

A World Plan for the Environment Health, Immigration and Work

An active role of the European Union

The division of humanity into sovereign nation states prevents global problems, including changes in the climate due to human activity, pandemics and immigration, to be effectively addressed.

The Conference on the Future of Europe is being launched
The recent launch, on 19th April 2021, of the electronic platform supporting the Conference on the Future of Europe ( has marked the start of an event – the Conference itself – which has, on purpose, an open-ended result. On the one hand, it will organize a discussion among European citizens on the direction Europe should take in the next years and decades.
2021: engaging GAAMAC’s community to decode hate speech under a new leadership
Hate speech is a serious indicator along the path that leads towards atrocities and new technologies and social media platforms may serve as amplifiers.
The European Union as the Spearhead of a Global Accord on the Vaccine
No property right could prevail over the right to life of billions of people, nor is admissible the arrogance by Donald Trump or by any national government in their Hobbesian struggle to get hold of the Covid-19 vaccine before others.
Let's stop the Planet’s Fever together
A World Plan for the Environment Health, Immigration and Work - An active role of the European Union.

Carbon Pricing for Carbon Neutrality

The European Citizens Initiative for Carbon Pricing to push the EU Commission for an European climate policy.


For a Global Green Deal - Webinar

15 June 2021, 5.30 - 7.00 PM (CET)

For a Global Green Deal

Chair, Daphne Gogou, member of the Executive Bureau of the UEF

Introductory speech, Guido Montani, former President of UEF-Italy

The pre-COP26 of Milan, 30 Sept./2 Oct. 2021, Martina Comparelli, spokesperson of Fridays for Future Italy

The effects of climate change for the African people, Davis Reuben Sekamwa, Fridays for Future Uganda 


Conclusions, Keith Best, Chair of the Executive Committee of WFM

To participate please connect to the following link:

CoFoE: Spinelli MEPs and UEF launch Europe-wide network with federalist and pro-European MPs from Member States

“We have taken the first step in the creation of the federalist caucus of national and European parliamentarians who share the view that the Conference on the Future of Europe is an opportunity to transform the EU”, said MEP Brando BENIFEI, President of the Spinelli Group, summing up the more than two hours of open and fruitful debate that took place last Friday with colleagues from Member States. "This was a successful kick-off. I am delighted by the great interest from national parliaments".

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