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Name:European Referendum Campaign
International Organization:European Union
From: To:2002 - 2009
Promoters:Democracy International
Supporters:Individual from across Europe. 293 organisations. 97 members of the Convention on the Future of Europe have signed an official appeal demanding referendums.
Official web site:

The first phase of the European Referendum Campaign (ERC) started in 2002 and finished in 2004.

The second phase of the ERC began in September 2007 and finished before the European Elections in 2009. Its single purpose is to get referendums on the so called EU Reform Treaty in as many EU member states as possible. 

Supporters of the ERC vary from those who are in favour of adopting the EU Reform Treaty and those who are against it. However they are all united in the belief that you cannot build Europe without the consent of the people - therefore we need referendums.

Who supports the Campaign

The European Referendum Campaign (ERC) is an independent, Europe-wide, cross party network of NGOs and individuals which brings together campaigners to fight for democratic development within the European Union.

The ERC is an umbrella organisation hosted by Democracy International to support the local campaigns in the EU member states. The ERC will support these activities through its website, strategic advice, research, the organisation of events and by generating an international dimension to the whole campaign.

The ERC has one simple objective: to get referendums on the EU Reform Treaty in as many EU member states as possible. It is to run until the 2009 European Elections and will finish shortly afterwards.

Appeal for fair referendums

Supporters of the European Referendum Campaign agree to the following appeal:

You cannot build Europe without the consent of the people,  that is why we direct the following demands to

  • Heads of states and governments
  • National parliaments
  • the European Parliament:
  1. The EU Reform Treaty must be submitted to the citizens in a referendum in each single EU member state.

  2. If necessary the Parliaments of the EU member states must make the appropriate legal and constitutional provisions for a referendum.
  3. A real and unbiased debate on the EU Constitution alias the Reform Treaty must be secured in the framework of a fair referendum.

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